One of the main priorities of Skillwise Campus In will be, facilitating the Universities and Colleges in churning out well trained graduates who will be industry ready to meet the challenges thrown their way with the gumption and gusto required for the task at hand. One of the many ways by which this can be achieved is the modern version of the guru-shishya bond of old: The Mentoring Program. This is a distinct route that solidifies human resources, encouraging growth of an individual, which is a proven asset to any organisation.


To provide the participants with the opportunity to explore their innate talents through exposure to challenging scenarios calling for leadership and decision making qualities.

Necessity of the Mentoring Program

Features of the Skillwise Mentoring Program

The Skillwise Mentoring program explores three types of relationships with distinctive programs for

These programs are designed in such a way to explore and cater to the above mentioned relationships with the ultimate aim of equipping the students with the required skills that make them suitable for employment in the industrial sector.

Objectives of the Program

Special features of the Program

Expectant End result of the Mentoring Program

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