The goal of any University/College is to ensure that the student community is faced with an opportunity to compete fiercely for employment with the ability to perform in recruitment drives by establishing icons in the industry. The placement cell of institutions game plans to secure 100% placement can be accentuated by going in for assistance from professional firms willing to service them in this area as offered at Skillwise Campus In.

The Campus assistance of Skillwise Campus In would fall into two major categories:

A. Offering training services, Assessments and Bridge courses to make the graduates’ job ready

Bridge Courses

Bridge courses are short term intensive courses that need to be taken up before an associated training program that orients a student in a particular direction. Following the conceptual thinking of tackling an issue at its source, bridge courses are:

Bridge courses offered for the Postgraduate stream of study will serve as pre-requisites prior to taking up the course, especially for the MBA stream, as the entrants belong to various disciplines. Skillwise Campus In offers numerous bridge courses in the areas mentioned above and many more.


Training Services Package (for Pre-final and Final year students)

The features of Skillwise’s chief model of training include content customisation, high quality expert trainers, intellectual and industry proven processes, engaging the learner with hands-on sessions ensuring a fast turnaround matching the industry expectation. Hence, the final outcome of the Skillwise training packages ensures:

Assessments (for Pre-final and Final year students)

Skillwise Campus In offers various assessments designed to gauge personality, the ability of a person to tackle pressure situations, the level of technical skill of the potential candidate and the adequacy for facing the job market, analytical skills, logical reasoning, leadership quality, communication skills, etc. Various assessments are available like the Personality assessment with BFI, 16PF, TAT to decipher a person’s response to an external stimuli and therefore understanding a person’s reaction, the Situational Judgement Tests, etc.


B. Liaising between the Universities/Colleges and the Industry to secure placement of the job ready potential candidates

Why would Skillwise excel in this context?

Skillwise is currently servicing an esteemed clientele including the likes of HCL, Capgemini, Sify, Oracle, Technosoft Corporation, Sutherland, The World Bank, Ramco, L&T, L&T Infotech, TVS, Amazon to name a few. This is proof of her credibility to establish and secure a liaison with established corporates in securing placements, surveying the needs of the industry for the educational institutions. This would enable the revamping of the curriculum to tailor in the current and potential needs of the job market. As the old English idiom goes,” A stitch in time saves nine”, the steps taken on time would elevate the placement scenario and offer the students a chance to fare better in securing quality employment.

The potential to secure Industry Institution Partnership (IIP) thereby opening up avenues for campus recruitments looms large. Once the IIPs are secured, curricula can be tailored to train the students to fit into the work force of these industries.

Does Skillwise have the expertise?

Since Skillwise is already undertaking recruitment of professionals for various positions at the top and junior management levels, Skillwise staffing is better equipped having the expertise and information as to what is exactly required for securing employment and what the industry demands in the new recruits.

Role of Skillwise Campus In in Campus Assistance

By offering a variety of bridge courses, training modules and assessments and ensuring a participation in the placement process, Skillwise ensures better recruitment drives besides upgrading the quality of hires.

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