One of the main issues faced by recruiters is the non-performance of the students at campus interviews arranged by the placement cell of universities and colleges.

In order to help students identify the areas where growth is required and skills that need to be accentuated or negatives that need to be toned down, assessments need to be done to identify the potential areas for improvement besides identifying skills found lacking in the student. As Skillwise Campus In is focused on aiding institutions to bridge the skill gap between the educational and industry and to enhance campus placements, it offers “Assessments” that ensure up scaling the skill quotient of students in various zones.


Skillwise communication assessment helps measure the competency level of the candidates in various aspects aligned along the guidelines laid down by the CEFR (Common European Framework). The detailed reports, drawn after the tests enable the assessor to ascertain the competency levels of the student, both strengths and weaknesses with respect to business communication skills.


This test enables us in the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits. The responses of the student to the questionnaire enables evaluation of the cognitive skills or personality. Analysis of the reports shows the relationship of the cognitive skills with job performance, trainability and competence. It gives an insight into the potential of a candidate for a particular job description.


The Big Five Inventory (BFI) is a multi-dimensional personality inventory that would help gauge a student’s interaction with situational and environmental factors that shape the future and the impact on society. The factors used in this assessment were discovered through the statistical procedure called factor analysis, used to analyse how ratings of various personality traits are correlated in humans. Since it is also an indicator of a person’s behaviour, Skillwise uses this assessment to decide on job suitability based on the results obtained from a BFI.


Yet another psychometric test to confirm the suitability of candidates in terms of potential and suitability besides identifying the possible areas for development is the 16PF. This is a sixteen personality factor test which helps in the assessment of various primary personality traits. The results of this test have provided feedback about an individual’s disposition used recently by potential future employers. The 16PF evaluates the personality in terms of characteristic traits and individual qualities.


Given the pressure faced with an industry work scenario, mental stability is key to ensuring smooth discharge of work. Hence, Skillwise uses TAT, a projective psychological test which gauges a person’s response to an external stimulus in the environment. This is basically a picture interpretation technique using vague pictures. The subject of this test is asked to recount a story based on the pictures and the detailing is given by the subject is analysed. In short, TAT gives the mental state of the person.


Skillwise Mental Ability Tests are designed to test general mental ability and verbal reasoning. The results of the test will give a picture of the a person’s ability to visualise in 3D space, reason, judge, to distinguish and assess; in short, gives us an idea of the IQ of the individual. The test put together will include Q&A on Coding /de-coding, Direction Sense test, Sequential output tracing, Situation Reaction test, Mathematical operations, etc.


Skillwise Numerical Reasoning Tests questionnaires have put together to test a candidate's knowledge of unit conversions, currency conversions, cost and sale analysis, etc. These tests have been used by some employees to assess probable candidates for job vacancies. If these tests are done for the pre-final college/university students, they can be trained to improve their performance on these fronts enabling them to fare better at job interviews.


These SJT’s are designed by taking into consideration the core competencies looked for in employees by organizations. Their ability to react and the nature of response to a situation presented to them is analyzed for suitability for a particular job title. Skillwise designs novel SJT’s based on the requirements placed by the industry and these are then taken across to the education sector to train industry ready graduates.


Skillwise has come up with innovative packages that help in the performance assessment of students. These packages are designed to instigate students to put their theoretical knowledge to practice by designing something novel and innovative. Besides designing prototypes, their depth of knowledge will be assessed on their ability to write technical content that calls for out of the box thinking inculcating the principles and applying the information amassed. The ability to work in a team to accomplish tasks will also be tested. Developing portfolios, writing technical papers for technical journals will be tested by throwing open, open-ended or extended response exercises.

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