Skillwise Campus In is a training and placement company which focuses on skill development among the student community especially in Engineering and Arts College and Business Schools. Skillwise will take a unique approach by identifying the skill gaps which the market demands in each candidate of their careers and to address these needs with cost effective and quality training.

Our motto is “Acquire Skill and be employable”

Skillwise campus In will work in partnership with Universities and colleges to access, the lack of skills by the skill gap analysis method and assessments. Based on this survey, we will tailor appropriate training plans and conduct relevant training programs which are in high demand in the Job Market. Since Skillwise is an established brand, servicing the corporate sector, both in training and placements, we follow a proven training methodology. Skillwise also focuses on training in IT and non-IT approaches MNC’s and major companies for their workforce training. Our training program will help graduates to be ready for campus placements and also mould them for appropriate Jobs.

One of the major challenges Organizations face is the lack of skilled candidates graduating from campuses. The companies are willing to recruit candidates who have minimum skills and thereafter, upgrade their skills in accordance with their work demand but unfortunately the candidates are still falling short of the minimum requirements the Industry expects. The Courses at Skillwise Campus In have curricula that are designed to address these challenges. Skillwise has already associated itself with renowned organizations, both MNC’s and IT as well as non- IT and for training and placement.

As the Industry expects manpower to be immediately employable, most of the academic Institutions are forced to cater to both, the demands of UGC as well as the Industries. The major expectation of the UCG and Universities is now focused on Outcome-based learning and a syllabus designed to cater to the Industry demands which provides employable skills to accomplish their mission. Skillwise Campus In programs are in line with Industry expectation and are Job focused. Our training program focuses on being “Job Ready” and we work with Institutions to help and assess the candidates with our assessment tool (zoom learn) based on which we create a learning path for the students to follow from the second year of their college. We also conduct regular assessments and evaluations to track their progress month wise.

Skillwise Campus In provides both Technical skills and Soft Skills program for Institutions. We regularly conduct Business Communication and English language skills which are primarily required for the corporate sector. We start our campus program with foundation level and then, scale them up to Intermediate level. Our lesson plans are well designed and structured which will enable a student to effectively communicate verbally and writing. Our main objective is to improve the quality of graduates entering the workforce in tune with the industry expects. The training which we offer is more Industry relevant giving the new graduates a better Job opportunity in relevant organizations.

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